Wilgermain Inconfessable Eau de Parfum

A woody, spicy composition layering red ginger, black pepper and cardamom with patchouli and cedarwood. Let the intrigue begin.
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100mL eau de parfum in glass spray bottle and gift box. 

top notes: Black pepper essence (Madagascar), timur pepper essence, red ginger essence (Laos)

heart notes: Cardamom essence (Sri Lanka), coriander seed essence (Croatia), nutmeg essence (Moluccas)

base notes: Patchouli coeur essence (Singapore), cedarwood essence (Virginia), bubinga wood accord 

Olfactory Family: Woody, spicy, balsamic

Wilgermain is a luxury fragrance house founded by industry expert Francisco Gratacos. Designed to appeal to both the most demanding fragrance afficionado and the individual buying a niche fragrance for the first time, Wilgermain offers a carefully curated collection of exceptional scents conceived to explore a broad range of fragrant themes.

Taking inspiration from the modernity and avant-garde atmosphere of New York’s Williamsburg and the classic refinement and savoir faire of the Parisian left bank, Wilgermain ensures that originality and wearability are harmoniously balanced.