Wax and Wane Bitters: Water

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In traditions of mysticism all over the world, water is associated with intuition and imagination, both of which can be blocked by physical illnesses. These bitters are infused with an array of detoxifying herbs to get your body and mind back on track.
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Not only do the herbs in this tincture facilitate in seeking balance with the vital organs, but they also purify the blood in order to aid in systemic functions. Spearmint gives nutrients to the kidney and bladder, while hyssop tackles phlegm within the lymphatic system. Sage works on the body but also calls upon the forces of the moon and intuition to move through depression and transitions, giving the whole body and spirit more of an ease to go with the flow.

2oz glass bottle with dropper. Handmade in Chicago, Illinois.

To use: Take one to three droppers full a day, orally.

Ingredients: Dandelion Root*, Burdock Root*, Nettle*, Spearmint*, Garden Sage*, Hyssop*, Non-GMO Cane Spirits (all vegan and gluten free)
*certified organic

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