Uusi Materia Prima: A Reflection On Matter Tarot Deck

This deck is an expression of the periodic table concentrated in 84 cards. Each chosen element is given its part in the cosmic drama of Life, conjuring matter in the soulful, playful language of the imagination.
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Each card features an original ink and pen illustration by Peter Dunham and is composed by Linnea Gits. This tarot deck is inspired by the powerful message of unification that circles throughout the Table of Elements.

84 cards printed on luxurious, heavy playing card stock with an embossed, linen finish. 28 of the 84 cards in this deck have a special, holographic gold foil on them. Cards measure 75mm x 130mm. Printed in NY.

Pair with the Uusi Materia Prima: A Reflection On Matter Guidebook (pictured) for a complete meditative experience.