The Flower Essence Deck Vol. 2

An oracle deck for self-reflection or daily readings, this deck is also a great way to learn about herbs and plant allies.
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48 cards printed with Patterns of Balance & Imbalance by Patricia Kaminski. Made in the USA.

Flowers & Herbs included: alpine lily, angelica, arnica, baby blue eyes, black cohosh, blackberry, black-eyed susan, bleeding heart, borage, buttercup, calendula, california poppy, calla lily, chrysanthemum, cosmos, deerbrush, easter lily, echinacea, evening primrose, fairy lantern, forget-me-not, garlic, goldenrod, indian paintbrush, iris, lotus, love-lies-bleeding, mallow, manzanita, mariposa lily, milkweed, mountain pennyroyal, mountain pride, mugwort, nasturtium, oregon grape, pink yarrow, pomegranate, quaking grass, queen anne’s lace, rabbitbrush, saint john’s wort, scarlet monkeyflower, shasta daisy, shooting star, snapdragon, sweet pea, tiger lily, trillium, trumpet vine, violet, yellow star tulip, yerba santa, zinnia