Tanner Bowman X Asrai Garden Hot Mess Vase: Black with Pearls

Utilizing pigmented hot glue and an industrial hot glue gun, local artist Tanner Bowman has collaborated with our founder Elizabeth Cronin to create gorgeous vessels meant to stand the test of time.
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Glass vase structure underneath pigmented hot glue with iridescent pearl detail. Stands approximately 9.25 x 3.5 inches with an opening diameter of approximately 2 inches. Comes with an Asrai Garden preserved arrangement. Handmade in Chicago.

The Hot Mess x Asrai Garden series is a collaborative project between local artist Tanner Bowman and Asrai Garden founder Elizabeth Cronin. With inspiration from HBO Max's Full Bloom, Tanner has created vessels hybridizing his campy, crafty, queer and nostalgic perspective with Asrai Garden's unique space aesthetic.

"My work’s central purpose is to bring a queer sense of joy and irreverence into both my life and other peoples homes. Additionally, all of my objects materially revolves around utilizing and aggrandizing crafting supplies that I have been drawn to since my childhood. In a way, I see my work as an embodiment of nourishing my inner child as a queer adult - to create unconditionally safe and infinitely weird vibes through the objects we surround ourselves with and survive by... I think that creating a queer, unapologetic, and eccentric energy is very valuable." -Tanner Bowman
Please note: The preserved arrangement included will vary from what is shown.
This piece is one of a kind and made by hand.