Sangre de Fruta Egyptian Chamomile Tonic

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Egyptian Chamomile makes a coveted deep blue essential oil that calms and relaxes the nervous system and mind whilst soothing irritated, dry skin, and balancing the complexion. Its fragrance is a deep, warm, comforting floral.
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This tonic is best infused as a bedside table sleep-aid or for day-lounging. Botanical Tonics are made with the finest essential oils to bring well-being to your skin, body and spirit. All essential oils have been chosen for their therapeutic aromatherapy properties, their sensual fragrance, and their beautifying effect on the skin.

Whether misting your face, linens, or your lover, Sangre de Fruta Botanical Tonics offer simple, sensual tonics for a kaleidoscope of moments.

100 mL in a violet glass bottle with spray nozzle.