Parfums Quartana Poppy Soma

A floriental, smoky, narcotic, spicy, amber scent. Known to the Ancient Sumerians as “the joy plant," the red poppy symbolized nocturnal oblivion in the pre-Christian world – specifically sleep, night and death.
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50mL / 1.7oz glass spray bottle in gift box.

Scent notes: sichuan pepper, curry leaf, red pepper, black gardenia, jasmine sambac, red rose, old church incense, labdanum, tuberose, styrax, musk tonquin

Winner of Fragrance Foundation Awards Perfume Extraordinaire of the Year 2017

Les Potions Fatales explores the treacherous beauty and intriguing lore behind nine of the world’s most poisonous flowers. At once tantalizing and perilous, these mortal fleurs have been used to nefarious ends throughout history. Yield to their charms and surrender to a fragrant femme fatale (or homme fatale) — seductive on the outside but ultimately dark, sinister, and dangerous.