Papier d'Armenie Burner

Taking nods from the six point Armenian star, this incense burner is designed to optimize the diffusion of any scent of your choosing. Available in two colorways.
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Ceramic top and base. Triangular base measures 14.5cm and dome top measures 8cm in diameter. Made in France.

Pair with a Papier d'Armenie Booklet or the Papier d'Armenie Starter Box for optimal use. 

How to use: Tear off one strip of Papier d'Armenie incense. Fold in accordion style. Light it and let it burn inside the burner. Fragrance will be diffused through the top and will spread throughout a room.

Care Instructions: Discard the ashes regularly and clean with water.

Please Note: The Papier d'Armenie incense burner can be used with other incense varieties such as cone, compressed, etc.