Papier d'Armenie Box of Booklets

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Traditional burning papers dating back to 1885 featuring two historical scents. Burn them in your home like incense or tuck them into your favorite drawer for perfectly scented anythings.
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Each box contains six booklets and each booklet contains 36 strips. Made in France.

How to use: Tear off a strip, fold it like an accordion, light it and blow out the flame so that it burns slowly without flame. Leave it on a heat proof dish. Try it with one or two strips in a closed room. Repeat if needed. These strips can also be used without burning to perfume cupboards and drawers.

Tradition: First produced in 1885, this scent has sweet vanilla and balsamic notes evocative of the Far East.

Arménie: The aromas of incense and myrrh fit well with the woody and vanilla notes. The booklet is the outcome of a meeting with Francis Kurkdjian, the famous perfumer.

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