NOTO Rooted Oil

A lightweight, moisture-rich, uni-sexy scented oil. With a base of argan oil, it dually acts as a nourishing and scenting oil for skin and hair.
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2oz glass pump bottle.

This product is unisex, vegan and cruelty free.

To use: Add as desired to areas such as: ends or roots of hair, under arms, wrists, temples, etc. 
Multi-use: Great as a nourishing hair treatment, body oil or as your favorite body scent.
Pro tip: Rooted oil has some serious calming quality - keep at your desk, in your bag, on a plane ride and use whenever you need to ground yourself. 

  • Fractioned Coconut oil - nourishing, hydrating
  • Argan Oil - high in vitamin A and E, nourishing, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory
  • Palo Santo - natural purifier, concentration, grounding, mood lifter
  • Vetiver -calming, cooling, grounding, centering
  • Cedarwood - toxin remover, soothing, optimism enhancing
  • Frankincense - antiseptic, healing, anti-aging, protection
  • Black Pepper - sensuality, mind stimulating + clearing
  • Labdanum Absolute - mind calming, anti-aging, grounding
  • Cardamom - aphrodisiac, uplifting, antiseptic, camphorous
  • Fir - antiseptic, soothing
  • Birch Tar - astringent, comforting, relaxing
  • Bergamot- antiseptic, antidepressant, disinfectant