Muchacha Fanzine Collective Care

Centering the voices of creatives of color, this 57-page issue sheds light on how we can build the infrastructures of care and support that are necessary to liberate our communities and ensure the future of our world.
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Muchacha Fanzine Issue #15. 57 pages. Handmade item. Collage, drawings, text in color and black and white. San Antonio, TX : Muchacha Fanzine, 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic, the George Floyd uprising and the economic crisis have lifted the veil of our individualistic capitalist system to offer another path forward: collective care. A tool of survival and liberation, collective care prioritizes an individual’s well-being as the shared responsibility of a group as opposed to the lone task of an individual. 

25% of all publication proceeds will benefit the Black Trans Travel Fund, a grassroots collective that provides mutual aid to Black trans women so they can access self-determined safer travel options.

About: In 2011, Daisy founded the radically intersectional decolonial Native Xicana Feminist publication Muchacha Fanzine. Along with zine-making, Daisy’s greatest passion is music. She founded the bands Alien Midwife and Mendiga Desgrasiada, and she currently fronts the San Antonio Anti-System Tejana punk act Frijolera Riot.

Influenced by D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) and punk rock feminism, Daisy Salinas began Muchacha Fanzine as a feminist punk zine and over the course of the past decade has grown it into a larger, submission-based compilation of work by marginalized voices from around the world.

Topics covered include art, writing and political education on indigenous resistance, intersectional feminism, youth liberation, Black lives matter, environmental justice, coalition building, body positivity, LGBTQ rights, migration, decolonizing travel and more.