Mizensir Candle

Handmade in Geneva, each Mizensir candle is a unique piece crafted by great "nose" Alberto Morillas, a perfumer by trade. See below for descriptions of each scent.
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8oz mineral wax candle with a pure cotton wick. Handmade in Geneva, Switzerland.

This candle has an approximate burn time of 55 hours.

Bleu Piscine: More than a color, a sensation. Orange tree blossom and musk are subtly swirled with bergamot, lavender and rosemary to add a touch of coolness from the garden. All that remains is to dive into the water. Perfect for escaping the hot days of summer.

Chateau de Sable: Go back to childhood and feel the sun on your skin, sand slipping through your fingers and the sound of waves rushing the shore. Let your thoughts get lost in notes of patchouli, exotic wood and vanilla, sublimated by the freshness of tangerine, lemon and orange blossom. This scent is perfect for someone who longs for the beach.

Ecume de Mer: The beauty of the sea. Infinite. Divine. An exhilarating sensation as the powerful waves pull us into the water where the warmth of leather and musk meet the delicacy of rose and the velvet of peach.

Jasmin Indien: The Andalusian garden is for the scent, a theatre of shadows and lights, the meeting of heady and sun soaked flowers with deep and warm arabesques. Orange blossom, jasmine and néroli and some strokes of fresh leaves mixing in silence with nightly timber and oriental resins.

Menthe a l'Eau: A thirst-quenching glass of iced water with mint. The crushed leaf adds an aromatic sweetness to one of life's most essential and eternal elements. This scent is for someone who enjoys the uplifting feeling of freshness.

Vent du Desert: Sand dunes as far as the eye can see. Stars twinkling in the night sky. The enigmatic desert wind blows its most intimate secrets to the enchanting warmth of oud and cedarwood, combined with the mystery of amber and musk. Perfect for recreating enchanting Arabian Night fairy tales.