Lvnea Roll-On Perfume

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A small, roll-on perfume to tuck in your bag and take everywhere. Frost Flowers is dark florals, black currant, mint, and musk. Mourning Ritual is black velvet, incense, wilted rose, and resins. These scents are for all bodies.
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Frost Flowers

Featured scent notes of tuberose petals, jasmine blossoms, frozen mint leaves, black currants, elemi resin, cypress, and ambrette musk seed. Icy and cold, delicate yet jagged, floral ice crystals slowly melt to reveal a heart of dark florals and a musky sweet base.

Mourning Ritual

Featured scent notes of frankincense oman, Russian roses, opoponax resin absolute, cedarwood extract. Aspects of balsamic, resinous, warm, slightly spicy, powdery.

Roll a small amount on to pulse points and allow to air dry.

Comes in a beautiful black glass bottle with a crystal roller ball inside a matte black tube. Natural, botanical, and handmade in Canada.