Lvnea Bath Salts

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Handmade bath salts to help warm, uplift or relax your tired body. See below for descriptions of each scent.
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16oz glass jar with lid. All natural. Handmade in Canada.

Forest Bathing: Earthy, fresh & grounding. Featured notes of silver fir, vetiver, black spruce & pine. 

Forest bathing is the practice of taking a leisurely visit to a forest for health benefits by breathing in the compounds released by the trees and plants. The practice originated in Japan where it is called shinrin-yoku. It is claimed to benefit physical as well as mental health as it helps lower heart rate, blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost immunity and mood, and improve overall feelings of well-being.

Fire Bathing: Floral, citrus & bright. Featured notes of rose, pink pepper, ginger & blood orange. 

Warming and stimulating bath soak. Works well to increase circulation when the body craves some heat. 

River Bathing: Herbal, relaxing & soothing. Featured notes of sage, cedar, moss & cypress.

A relaxing, clarifying bath soak reminiscent of the cedary scent of a Scandinavian spa. Good for sore, tired muscles.


To use: Add a handful or about 1/4 a cup to bath just prior to entering tub or while already inside. Can also be used in a foot bath. If desired the blend may be used in a muslin bag to avoid botanical particles from sticking to the bath.

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