Houseplant Oil Lamp

What's better than a beautiful slab of marble? One with a built-in oil lamp, an ashtray, and a small surface to light matches, of course!
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Marble base and Borosilicate glass lamp (made to withstand fire-level heat). Small well for either paraffin oil or a tea candle, depending on how fancy you feel. Built-in ashtray with a removable glass piece. Polished metal ashtray lid with built-in notch. Built-in match holder. Ridged surface to light strike-anywhere matches.

Marble base measures 8.35 x 5.75 x 1.5 inches. Glass chimney measures 3.4 inches in diameter x 5.1 inches tall. Weighs 6.6 pounds. Produced out of Los Angeles, California.

*Does not come with paraffin oil, tea candle, or strike-anywhere matches.  

Because marble is a natural material, activity and veining will vary; each product will be unique.