Friends Forever Coin

Custom stamped brass coin for flipping and for friendship. Gets you 15% off any Asrai purchase, large or small, analog or digital - for the rest of your natural life. Forever-ever.
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You're part of the family, with all the benefits added. Simply present this coin in person or email us directly for white-glove, online ordering services where we'll provide for you right away to keep Asrai close. Your help means the world to us!

Some restrictions apply — cannot be combined with any other discount, some consignment fine jewelry pieces will not be included and are subject to change, event labor not included. 

Each piece is made to order, limited to a small production run. Hand-assembled and designed by our dedicated team. We'll be donating a portion of proceeds to Brave Space Alliance, as this allows us to not only support each other, but others in need of hope and relief at this time.

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