Folie À Plusieurs Entwined Adventures

Searching for pleasure. Love, sex, art and desire.
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This fragrance is an aromatic transcript of Helen Beard's 2022 Journal "Entwined Adventures" from the Folie À Plusieurs archives, "Olfactive Journals."

50mL eau de parfum in a hand painted glass bottle with unique markings. Produced in France, Germany & United States.

Medium: Painting

Feelings: Reflective, lustful, seductive, colorful, passionate, inquisitive

Notes: A woody, floral, musky leathery impression -- bergamot, tagete, oil, safrene, davana oil, magnolia flower, suede leather, orange flower concrete, rose absolute, incense oil, musk, sandal, vetiver, cedar virginia, gaiac wood, tonka

Perfumer: Mark Buxton

Please note: Because every bottle is hand painted, the design will vary from the bottle in picture.

Folie À Plusieurs is an intermedia perfumery that uses fragrance as a way of recording the works, thoughts and experiences of artists across a range of creative practices.