Folie À Plusieurs Black

Dark shadows revealed through strobe lights in an abandoned warehouse.
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This fragrance was created as apart of a site specific olfactive-sound installation for Matte Projects. The fragrance and corresponding installation was developed with concept of conjuring ghosts in an abandoned warehouse for their 2018 BLACK NYC music event.

50mL eau de parfum in a hand painted glass bottle with unique markings. Produced in France, Germany & United States.

Medium: Music & Installation

Feelings: Deep, mysterious, matte - Black, dark, industrial.

Notes: Woody, incense, spicy -- Vetiver, cypriol, styrax, sage clary, leather accord, cedarwood, ginger

Perfumer: Lucas Sieuzac

Please note: Because every bottle is hand painted, the design will vary from the bottle in picture.

Folie À Plusieurs is an intermedia perfumery that uses fragrance as a way of recording the works, thoughts and experiences of artists across a range of creative practices.