Folie À Plusieurs Aura

Connected to Spirits. A voice past, a forgotten memory, the stuff of healing.
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This fragrance is an aromatic transcript of a 2022 music album review of "Aura" by Hatis Noit on Erased Tapes Records UK for Folie À Plusieurs "Silhouettes."

50mL eau de parfum in a hand painted glass bottle with unique markings. Produced in France, Germany & United States.

Medium: Music

Feelings: Of nature, awe, temple-like, something of ceremony, warm, embracing, of folklore and spirits

Notes: A warm, woody, incense, earthy impression -- Ginger, elemi, pink pepper, bergamot, pine needle, lily of the valley, vetiver, pine needle absolute, fir balsam, ambroxan

Perfumer: David Chieze

Please note: Because every bottle is hand painted, the design will vary from the bottle in picture.

Folie À Plusieurs is an intermedia perfumery that uses fragrance as a way of recording the works, thoughts and experiences of artists across a range of creative practices.