Folie À Plusieurs Ambrosia

A tropical memory.
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This fragrance is an aromatic translation of a 2020 visual diary by Mara Corsino, “Ambrosia,” for magazine Folie à Plusieurs “Olfactive Journals.

50mL eau de parfum in a hand painted glass bottle with unique markings. Produced in France, Germany & United States.

Medium: Photography

Feelings: Aroused, passionate, vibrant, playful.

Notes: Fresh, aromatic, floral, earthy, herbal, incense -- Bergamot, angelica root, mimosa, frankincense, ylang, earth accords

Perfumer: David Chieze

Please note: Because every bottle is hand painted, the design will vary from the bottle in picture.

Folie À Plusieurs is an intermedia perfumery that uses fragrance as a way of recording the works, thoughts and experiences of artists across a range of creative practices.