Don't Harsh My Mellow

Keep calm with these high-end essentials. Contents: Lord Jones CBD body oil, Miwak pipe, Concrete Cat incense holder, Alight incense sticks, Broccoli- Weed Is A Flower, Good Company tea, Not Pot CBD gummies, Asrai lighter

Keep calm with these high-end essentials.


Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Oil 30mL

Miwak Junior Zapaleri Pipe

Concrete Cat Wavy Incense Holder*

Alight Incense Sticks* 

Broccoli- Weed Is A Flower Book

Good Thoughts Tea*

Not Pot Sleep CBD Gummies  

Asrai Lighter

Retail Value $327

*Asrai will choose one of the available variants for this product.  Unfortunately we cannot accommodate requests.