Carner Barcelona Cuirs

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Redolent with nostalgia for a bygone era of artisan ateliers, where pipesmoke filled the air fusing with the scent of freshly tanned leather.
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Scent top notes of cumin, saffron. Mid notes of australian sandal wood, texas cedar wood, indonesian patchouli. Base notes of musk, oud wood, dry amber, leather accord. 

Carner is captivated by Barcelona’s Mediterranean soul; its art, culture, the unique way in which history merges with the contemporary and the vitality of its people. In each bottle, Carner Barcelona encapsulates the lifestyle of this city. These are signature perfumes that are genuine and full of character. They are created by and for people who are passionate about fragrances and who vibrate with how an essence makes them feel. 

100 mL glass bottle. Made in Spain.