Angela White

Angela White is conceptual artist and sculptor in Portland, Oregon. Her work investigates concepts of collectivity, isolation, femininity, labor, documentation and natural history. 

From her artist statement:

I sculpt my days in dialogue with a distant species. I decenter the human, I question human exceptionalism, I work as a woman with a species I was told as a girl I ought to fear, a species pest-control agencies offer to exterminate for me, a species of kindred mothers, hunters and makers. In traditions of natural science illustration and feminist science studies, I document the ephemeral silk-works of orb weavers on the perennial material of clay.

Sometimes, I think the resulting objects are bound for a dystopian future of ecological collapse and global extinction. Amid the ruins, sacred shards remain.

Other times, I think I am from a utopian future. I came back in time to help make it come true. I am prefiguring it now by loving spiders.