Blackbird Incense Cones

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Handmade natural bamboo charcoal cones made with essential oils in a reusable tin that also acts as a burner. See below for descriptions of each scent.
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Approximately 20 cones per tin. Burns in its shape and easy to clean up. Handmade in the USA.

This incense has an approximate burn time of 20 minutes, with scents lingering for 2-4 hours in a medium sized room.

Ai: Notes of geranium, rose stem, moss & mint.

Ai is pronounced "eye," which means love in Japanese and Chinese. There's a modern elegance about this ultra green scent. Geranium's dark lush flora casts it's rosey scent over perfectly symmetrical marble pathways. The soil is rich and never goes without water. The summer is cooled by the shade of architecture.

Gorgo: Notes of wood bouquet & beeswax.

Gorgo is inspired by the story of Gorgo, Queen of Sparta and wife to King Leonidas. She was most famous for discovering a secret message on a wood tablet covered in beeswax warning the Spartans of Xerxes' pending invasion. With its brilliant layers of contrasting woods and beeswax, Gorgo will endow any space with an air of preparedness for whatever comes next.

Izba: Notes of cedarwood & lavender.

Izba reminds us of traditional Russian farmhouses with warm wood walls and smoky fireplaces, and the wild herbs and flowers growing outside. The Russian and Arabic word Izba refers to a countryside dwelling that forms the living quarters of a conventional farmstead.

Mars: Notes of dragon’s blood resin, frankincense, benzoin, spices & dust.

Mars is a terrestrial incense consisting of imaginary resins and spices from the red planet. Our rovers traverse the rocky terrain searching for signs of alien life within the silica regolith. Mars smells of warm red spicy things with a bright and dusty incense at its core. Believe it or not, our team of Martians hand form every cone in the image of Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in our solar system.

Muru: Notes of vetiver, yuzu, cypress & soil.

Muru is a sophisticated and rich, green, woody-earthy smell. Burning Muru imparts a foreign, exotic feel to any atmosphere. The name Muru means grass in Estonian.

Ploom: Notes of gardenia, tobacco, bay, guaiacwood, sandalwood & tonka bean.

Ploom is utopian plastic flowers layered over idyllic futurist tobacco smoke. The perfect family in their perfect home where everyone smells beautiful and all secrets are brushed under the rug. Softly dark tobacco blends with bright gardenia and spicy bay for a sensual and provocative accord.

Targa: Notes of guaiacwood, teak, oud, copaiba balsam, frankincense, cedarwood, black pepper, nutmeg, choya loban, nagarmotha, sandalwood, smoke, myrrh & vetiver.

Targa is cold incense and woods burning in the distance of a frozen modern terrain. Targa harnesses earth's primal smoke and restructures it to feel fresh and contemporary in our ever evolving world.