Asrai Garden x Preeti Samraj Throw

Beautiful woven throw blankets featuring photographic floral collages, painstakingly created by Chicago artist Preeti Samraj. Available in three gorgeous designs and sold exclusively at Asrai Garden.
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All flowers and flower petals are carefully arranged to form detailed patterns, then photographed by the artist. Collecting and dismantling the flowers can be very time consuming but is Preeti's favorite part of the process. Making the arrangements is a moving meditation, meticulous and frustrating at times. Because flower petals are fragile and perishable there is a sense of working against the clock as they wither and lose color with time. This limitation is an advantage because it forces the hand, Preeti works quickly and doesn't have time to overwork the patterns. You can view her collection of petal arrangements here


Design No. 1: A black hole of tiny flowers from a Buckeye tree collected from Chicago streets during springtime when the flowers are shed.

Design No. 2: Individually arranged purple hydrangea flowers.

Design No. 3: Petals from yellow mums set in a half moon motif.

100% cotton. Measures 72 x 54 inches. Made in the USA.

Care instructions: Machine washable with cold water on the gentle cycle, tumble dry low or hang dry. Your blanket will become softer with every wash. 

This item is available exclusively at Asrai Garden.