Asrai No. 1 Scent Collection

The Asrai No. 1 essentials - everything you need to bring the scent of Asrai into your home. All products feature our signature blend of Moroccan rose, patchouli and fig. Contents: Asrai No. 1 bath soak, incense, candle and an Asrai matchbook.
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Everything you need to bring Asrai Garden into your home.



Asrai No. 1 Incense - 20 hand-dipped, charcoal-based sticks

Asrai No. 1 Candle - hand poured in a 10 oz custom ceramic vessels by Grandmont Street 

Asrai No. Bath Soak - made with Himalayan sea salt and organic coconut oil 8oz

Asrai Garden Matchbook - large format featuring 60 matches

Retail Value $134