Alight Incense Sticks

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Earthy and floral, these incense sticks are made with all natural, pure essential oils. See below for descriptions of each scent.
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20 sticks per package. Handmade in the USA.

Pictured with Concrete Cat Pico Bowl.

Ylang ylang: Notes of ylang ylang, geranium, juniper berry

Sweet, herbaceous, compelling

Vetiver: Notes of vetiver, bergamot, amyris

Warm, rooted, restorative

Black spruce: Notes of black spruce, fir balsam, atlas cedar

Evergreen, resinous, elevating

Lavender: Notes of lavender, blood orange, ho wood

Fresh, relaxing, vibrant

Patchouli: Notes of patchouli, black pepper, Peru balsam

Earthy, inviting, spicy

Magnolia: Notes of magnolia, ginger grass and opopanax

Intoxicating, deep, ethereal

Palo Santo: Notes of palo santo, white sage, sea fennel

Cleansing, radiant, energetic