A Weed Is A Flower

Pot leaves dance with zebra grass, lady slipper orchids, baby’s breath and other compelling blooms. This unique photo book showcases the natural beauty of cannabis in magical floral arrangements, elevating weed to be worthy of the esteemed Coffee Table.
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Hardcover photography book, 168 pages. Published by Broccoli.

The title is taken from a 1911 quote by poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox: “A weed is but an unloved flower.” Through favorite shoots gathered from the pages of Broccoli and freshly picked from more than 25 innovative photographers and floral artists from around the world, this splendid coffee table book treats weed with the aesthetic respect that cannabis lovers know it deserves.

These captivating photographs express weed’s allure and multiplicity, speaking to all the reasons we love it: beauty, peace, pleasure, play, and escapism. A Weed is a Flower reminds us that cannabis is just a plant—but what a special plant it is.