6 Month Floral Subscription

The gift that keeps on giving! With a fresh Asrai Garden bouquet each month, this subscription is sure to bring beauty into yours or your loved one's home. Available in three sizes. Please read all information below.
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Have you ever received a bouquet of fresh flowers and thought, "I wish this would last forever"? While we can't make our flowers immortal, we can replenish them once a month and deliver to your doorstep! This subscription lasts for 6 months and is available for Local Delivery only (see this map for our delivery zone).

This subscription is available for our Small ($100, think coffee table), Medium ($150, think dining room table) and Large ($250, substantial centerpiece) bouquets. Select which size you'd like above.

How it works

The purchaser will receive a Subscription Certificate (printed or e-mailed, select above) that you can gift to a loved one or keep for yourself. Once the recipient activates the subscription, a member of our team will be in touch to schedule the first delivery.

The first delivery will come in a simple glass vase. If you'd like to upgrade the vase, you can do so by adding on a Grandmont Street Ceramic Vase above. Each subsequent delivery will be wrapped in paper, so the recipient can reuse the original vase.

Each month, our subscriptions coordinator will be in touch with the recipient to schedule delivery and inquire about any specific requests for that month. Deliveries are only available on Thursdays or Saturdays between 11am & 5pm.

Once you make your selections above, choose Local Delivery at checkout. This will cover the first month's delivery fee. The rest are on us!

We also offer subscriptions in 3-month and 12-month increments.

Want more flowers? If you're interested in a weekly subscription or would like to pick up your monthly bouquets from our Wicker Park shop, please email us at [email protected]


Some fine print:

  • The images on this page are meant as a representation of the kinds of flowers that may be available and past bouquets that we have made. We cannot guarantee any specific blooms or recreate exactly any of the bouquets.
  • Subscription Certificates never expire. They must be activated for the subscription to start.
  • Deliveries are currently only available on Thursday through Sunday each week (this is subject to change). Someone must be home to accept the delivery between 11am & 5pm. This can be the recipient, a door person or a neighbor. Due to weather concerns, we cannot leave bouquets outside. Please note that we do not recommend flowers are out of water longer than an hour. If the bouquet is being delivered in paper, we recommend that the recipient is home to trim and get them in water. Recipients can chat with our subscriptions coordinator about adding on any additional vases if that won't be possible.
  • Going out of town? Deliveries can be paused & resumed at any time.
  • Moving away? If the recipient moves out of our delivery zone before the subscription is complete, the remaining bouquets are still valid at our shop as a floral credit. Recipient will be responsible for any delivery fees associated with this credit (if applicable).
  • If either the purchaser or the recipient would like to extend the subscription at the end of the term, we'll continue to cover the delivery fees!